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Website Flipping Tactics (PLR / MRR)

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Website Flipping Tactics

Product Description:

Ready To Start Exploring Your Possibilities?

Think of yourself suddenly discovering a safe and easy shortcut that will organically allow you to:

  • Increase your "web credibility" status
  • Generate an extra stream of constant cash
  • Make money when you need it
  • Do it on a shoestring, with a minimum of time and expense


Within minutes of downloading you'll discover:
  • The one thing your new domain name absolutely must be able to do
  • 2 questions to ask yourself while you're setting this proven strategy in motion
  • 2 deciding factors that will dictate your profit ratio
  • How much money you can expect to make - and spend
  • One easy habit to develop that will help you create powerful, hot-selling domain names every time
  • 7 characteristics your site needs to show, in order to vault instantly to the top sellers list
  • 5 failsafe conditions you absolutely must set up before your site can convert to big-time profits

Distribution Rights:
  • Can be sold for personal use only - YES
  • Can put your name on the sales page - YES
  • Can sell resell or master resell rights - YES
  • Can be added to paid membership sites - YES
  • Can be packaged with other products - YES
  • Can be offered as a bonus to any other product - YES
  • Can be added to Dime Sales or Auction sites - YES
  • Can be given away for free - NO
  • Can edit and add your name as the author - NO

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