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Work At Home Extended (PLR)

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Work At Home Extended

Product Description:

Here is just a sneak peek of just some of what's revealed:

  • How to set up a work at home plan of action, so that you are able to secure as many high paying telecommuting positions as you wish - guaranteed! These strategies are what separates the highest paid freelancers from the struggling job seekers.
  • Learn the shocking truth about online scams, and how to avoid job offers that are cleverly disguised gimmicks, created to steal your time and money! Never fall victim again with these industry trade secrets to dissecting every single offer available!
  • Work at home forever.. follow these proven strategies and never again will be forced to take an offline job again. Make as much money as you wish with as many work at home opportunities as you can handle! This guide reveals everything you need to know in order to catapult your career into complete overdrive!
  • Find out how you can maximize your income by taking things even further! Create a freelance company, outsource work and generate revenue as the middleman, the possibilities are endless!

Distribution Rights:
  • You can sell the product to customers with personal PLR (non transferable, meaning that your customers can not sell PLR themselves). - YES
  • You can edit the product however you wish, including adding your name as the signature author. - YES
  • You can use the graphic source files (psd) to modify the graphics, including colors, text, layers, gradients or create additional graphic files for the same package. - YES
  • You can sell resale rights to the packages. - YES
  • You can include up to two Content Grab packages within a paid membership site, provided your monthly subscription is priced above $27 (no more than two Content Grab packages can be included at any given time. You are permitted to sell NON‐ TRANSFERABLE PLR to your buyers. - YES
  • You cannot sell Master Resale Rights to this package. - No
  • You cannot give away our packages or any individual products contained within them apart from reports, articles and autoresponder sequences. You are not permitted to You can not add to free membership websites or paid membership websites with a monthly subscription cost lower than $27.00 - No

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