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22 WSOs by Sean Mize (PLR)

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22 WSOs by Sean Mize

Product Description : 

Topics Include:

WSO #1: How to Position Yourself as a Guru in Your Niche Fast

WSO #2: How to Automate Your Information Business - This is the most indepth presentation of automated marketing that works, that I know of on earth. This is the same process I personally use to automate my email campaign so that I make $20 or more per subscriber in the first 20-30 days someone is on my list! You get the entire system here!

WSO #3: How to Structure Your Product Launch and How to Test Your Product Launch - This WSO teaches you how to test your product funnel – and when you test you increase results!

WSO #4: Sample Scripted Funnel – One of the hard things in information marketing can be figuring out what to put in your product funnel. This WSOs scripts out a product funnel, and makes it really easy to copy and do for yourself!

WSO #5: How to Create a Product Funnel Fast - This is imperative, because if you don’t have a product line, you are leaving money on the table. You see, when someone buys from me one time, they often buy again and again and again – and if you don’t have enough products in your funnel, they will buy from someone else. Solve this fast with this WSO.

WSO #6: The Easy Way to Create Products Fast - I can create a $97 product in one afternoon, and a $997 product in 3 days – and so can you. This easy method will make is super-easy for you!

WSO #7Additional Product Creation Methods - Do you want to create products really fast using things like teleseminars, webinars, or even ordinary writing you do everyday? If so, listen to this WSO – it will profoundly change your mindset about product creation!

WSO #8: Word for Word Dictation of a Generic Sales Letter in the Self-Improvement Niche – you can use this for any niche, there are tons of persuasive phrases that you can integrate into your sales letters fast!

WSO #9: Word for Word Dictation of an Email Campaign – 100% Easy to Copy in Your Niche!!

WSO #10: Advanced Training: How to Create Multiple Entry Points For Your Sales Funnel. You can automate this entire process, and it is huge for doubling or tripling your subscriber base fast!

WSO #11: How to Get Over the Fear of Perfection in Your Business. Have you ever been held back because you were trying to make your product *perfect* before you launched it? The truth is: it doesn’t need to be perfect, and trying to make it so is holding you back from success.

WSO #12: How to Master Your Time With Action and Goal Management Instead of Time Management

WSO #13: How to Create 4 Products in One Month - When you listen to this WSO, you will be BLOWN AWAY by the ease and simplicity of this model.

WSO #14: How to Get Traffic From the Top Ten Websites In Your Niche - This Method WORKS – and you can double or triple your traffic fast with this method!

WSO #15: How to Build Your Own Customized and Maximized Content Network For YOUR Business - this allows you to take advantage of a google loophole to get MULTIPLE listings for EACH keyword in google – I’ve gotten as many as 8 listings on the top 10 page of google before, using this method!

WSO #16: Advanced Content Marketing With Multiple Sites - this is a unique strategy I developed that uses multiple sites to multiply the efforts of your content marketing – I personally use a variant of this today, and get high search rankings from it.

WSO #17: How to Compete in Saturated and Competitive Markets - In the WSO, I teach you a unique method of using your competitor’s strengths against themselves so that your competitors’ clients want to buy from YOU

WSO #18: How to Use Article Marketing for Search Rankings – Yes, this is a powerful strategy that STILL works (I regularly get top 10 rankings in google using this method!)

WSO #19: How to Write a Blog or Article Resource Box That Gets Results - In this WSO, I teach my most effective resource box that gets up to 40% conversion rate from a single blog post or article!

WSO #20: How to Target Your Marketing so That The RIGHT People for Your Offer Perk Up and Listen and Buy!

WSO #21: Kindle Marketing - How to write kindles and use them for exposure and traffic online – no nonsense guide to kindle marketing!

WSO #22: YouTube Marketing Primer – Want to learn Youtube Marketing? This will teach you the basics so that you can begin youtube marketing TODAY

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