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Affiliate Marketing Basics Videos (MRR)

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Affiliate Marketing Basics Videos

Product Description:

Topics Include:    

  • Video 1. Why Affiliate Marketing Is Great for Beginners 3:21
  • Video 2. How To Make Life Changing Money As An Affiliate Marketer 3:46
  • Video 3. Make Sure You Only Work with The Best Affiliate Networks 9:19
  • Video 4. How To Be A Well Rounded Affiliate Marketer 2:36
  • Video 5. The Formula To Reviewing Products As An Affiliate Marketer 2:56
  • Video 6. Getting Started with Your Own Affiliate Marketing Site 5:55
  • Video 7. Basic Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Blogs 4:07

Distribution Rights:

  • You Can Do Almost Anything You Want with These Videos - YES
  • Give them away to build your list - YES
  • Use them for content on your website - YES
  • Submit them off to YouTube - YES
  • Post them to Facebook - YES
  • Give away just one video, or give all 7 videos away and seem like a hero to your list - YES
  • Sell the videos as a complete course - YES
  • Use the videos as drip-fed content for your blog - YES
  • Heck, you can even sell Master Resale Rights to them if you want - YES

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