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craigslist profits unleashed (RR)

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craigslist profits unleashed

Product Description:

Here are 2 Of The Main Benefits why you should start using Craigslist:

  • Absolutely Free Advertising and Promotion for Your Business
  • Increased Business, Repeat Business, Referrals and more

Introducing Craigslist Profits Unleashed
Imagine, Learning Things Like:
  • Can you really earn a full time income just by using Craigslist? The site itself gets a massive 40 BILLION page views each and every month. I'm sure your product won't apply to all of the visitors, but don't you think at least a few are bound to be interested?
  • The keys to earning a profit on Craigslist. It's one thing to see money coming in...but making sure that you aren't losing money is extremely important. So how does Craigslist make it easier, and what can you do to make sure it happens?
  • What different ways can you use Craigslist to your advantage to make money? The key here is that there is room for just about anything...whether you sell a tangible product, an ebook or offer some sort of service. We'll go over the different ways available to help you decide what best fits into your business plan.
  • How do you post an ad on Craigslist...and some tips to make your ad a little more effective than the next guy's. There are some key elements that you must include in your ad to ensure you get the most views possible to it. Can you guess what the biggest element is?
  • And a lot more!

Distribution Rights:
  • Can be bundled with other products. - YES
  • Can be offered as a bonus (Gift). - NO
  • Can be added to membership site. - YES
  • Can be offered through auction sites. - NO
  • Can sell the resale rights. - YES
  • Sales letter can be edited. - YES

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