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Raising Goats (PLR / MRR)

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Raising Goats

Product Description:

In this report, here's just a few things you will discover:

  • Why you cannot have just one goat on your property
  • Where goats need to live in order to thrive
  • Where goats cannot live and why
  • When should you not commit to taking care of goats
  • Where you can find a veterinarian for your goats
  • Where you can purchase goats from
  • How to keep your goat(s) from roaming around and wandering aimlessly
  • The average number of "kids" that goats will produce every year
  • How to know when a female goat is in "heat"
  • When is the female goat's most "active" time
  • How long is the gestation period for a female goat
  • What is "kidding"
  • What happens to the kid after birth
  • What the mother goat does during the "freshening" process
  • The amount of milk can the female goat can produce daily while it's in their system
  • and much more!

Distribution Rights:
  • Includes Professional Sales Letter. - YES
  • Includes Professional ECover Graphics. - YES
  • Can be added into a paid membership sites. - YES
  • Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights. - YES
  • Can be offered through on any auction sites. - YES
  • Can Sell Private Label Rights - YES
  • Can be offered as a bonus. - YES
  • Can be given away for free (any format). - NO

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